Dolphin Cruises in Inverness

Tips on Dolphin Watching From Land and Sea

Are you planning to visit Inverness? If so, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to observe dolphins in the wild on some of the best spots in the UK. In order to improve your chances for spotting dolphins from land or/and sea and make the experience as enjoyable as possible, you are advised to follow the tips below.

Advice on Dolphin Watching From Land

Advice on Dolphin Boat Tour

In addition to making sure that you get a good value for your money, you are also recommended to make sure to choose an experienced boat tour operator who knows all the best spots to observe dolphins. But since all promise to take you to the best places, it is a good idea to read some reviews and testimonials before making any reservations. Lastly, make sure that the operator is accredited with the Dolphin Space Programme because it means they follow sustainable wildlife tourism practices or in other words, make sure that their boats and people on the boat aren’t disturbing the animals.